What We Believe

Mission Statement -

Morningside Lutheran Church exists to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, which results in changing lives and a commitment to follow His example.

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Vision - Embrace: we are Christ-Centered...Spirit-Led...Relationally Driven

Embracing the Holy Spirit - We welcome and promote the renewing work of the Holy Spirit and all His varied gifts for the empowerment of the ministry of Christ among us, and for the edification of individual believers and the whole body.

Embracing Life Together - We develop new opportunities for establishing and growing meaningful relationships within the body of believers at Morningside, with the intention to enhance each person's sense of belonging and connectedness within the congregation.

Embracing Siouxland - We have a ministry focus that is kingdom oriented. Partnering with local agencies and ministries, civic organizations and other local churches, we will mirror the love of Christ, to bring healing and hope to those broken by life circumstances and enhance the lives of many. We live out the Message of Jesus Christ by building bridges with neighbors and with secular organizations to break down stereotypes and build relationships of trust, meeting people where they are with the Message entrusted to us in Christ.

Embracing the World - We take seriously the mandate of Christ to go as His witnesses to the ends of the earth. We are committed to support missionaries and mission agencies financially and by sending mission workers. We work to meet human need across the globe with the abilities and resources we've been given to alleviate suffering in Jesus' name.

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Morningside Lutheran Church is affiliated with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC). LCMC is an association of congregations and individuals who are free in Christ, accountable to one another, rooted in the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions and are working together to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations. You can learn more about LCMC HERE.