director of operations

If you are interested in applying or learning more about the Director of Operations position, please contact Lead Pastor Noah Ruppert at


General Purpose:   To be responsible to the church for the day-to-day administrative affairs and operations of the church, including finances, personnel, and facilities, and to conduct them in a way that enhances the church’s ministry.

Accountability:  To the Lead Pastor who is accountable to the CCVA. Working closely with the Finance and Property Teams.

Requirements:  Effective communication and planning skills; management experience; ability to work well with others; and knowledge of accounting procedures. Proficient in Microsoft office including Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel. Prefer minimum of 3 years management/supervisory/accounting experience; bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience; prefer familiarity with Christian church operations. Spiritual maturity and high moral and ethical conduct. Be spiritually committed to Jesus Christ and should regard their work as a Christian vocation. This person should be vigorous, alert, and temperate; strong person striving to have all their faculties at their best; acknowledging dependence on God in all things.


  1. Attend scheduled weekly staff meetings.
  2. Strive in word and action to be an example in Christian living, mindful of being a representative of MLC (on and off the job). Have a passion for ministry, a thriving prayer life and personally involved in a small group.
  3. Enhance job knowledge and abilities by taking personal responsibility for Christian and professional development and training of oneself.
  4. Lead the property team meetings and work alongside the team. Be a member of the finance team preparing financials for the monthly meetings.
  5. Lead in the planning, administering, and evaluation of non-ordained operations of the church.
  6. Maintain an efficient plan of financial record keeping, reporting, and reconciliation of the general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, and individual contribution records. Oversee the timely monthly reports for the teams and individual contribution reports; comply with state and federal payroll reporting requirements. Assist with compliance review.
  7. Oversee the preparation of financial and annual reports for the congregation. Oversee and assist staff in managing the annual operating budget.
  8. Provide administrative support for all personnel activities: hiring, interviewing, and termination’ employee benefits, compensation, and vacation schedules; annual reviews; administering the personnel policy. Be a part of the Personnel Team. Be custodian of the personnel files.
  9. Supervise all non-ordained staff not otherwise assigned, including but not limited to administrative staff, custodians, and other support personnel. Be the administrator and keeper of the calendar of all the paid time off for the staff.
  10. Lead and work alongside the property team with relationships between contractors and others in building, improving, and equipping the church building and grounds; supervise maintenance and repair of physical properties.
  11. Administer policies and procedures concerning the use of church property and facilities.
  12. Procure background checks for employees and volunteers.
  13. Oversee the maintenance of inventory of all church property; regularly verify presence and condition; establish a schedule of replacement, upgrade, or additional equipment to aid and enhance areas of ministry and approve purchase orders for supplies and equipment.
  14. Review with the property team the church property and liability insurance policies; recommend improvements and changes, as necessary.
  15. Oversee and hire vendors to monitor and improve the office technology and network computer system.
  16. Provide coordination of business and legal matters of the church as requested by the Lead Pastor and/or CCVA.
  17. Procure and coordinate an outside CPA firm for the annual review of the church financials. Report all findings back to the Finance team.
  18. Coordinate the monthly financial reports for other monthly meetings including but not limited to WIGS, Morning Glories Sewing Ladies, Endowment and Young at Heart.