We aim to provide a caring and Christian atmosphere to integrate the teachings and truth of Christ into our students' lives, so they may grow spiritually, socially, and academically.


Morningside Lutheran Preschool aims to provide a caring and Christian atmosphere to integrate the teachings and truth of Christ into our students' lives so that they may grow spiritually, socially, and academically. We support the idea that Christian-based education is best realized by teachers who create the broadest opportunities for students to learn and socialize in a Christian atmosphere, and by teachers who motivate students to grow and develop spiritually, socially, and academically. 

We accept students regardless of race, color, religion, sex, ethnicity, or physical ability. All classes emphasize sharing, cooperation, socialization, listening, manners, and personal hygiene. Each session also includes time for free choice playing, music, stories, developing large muscles in the gym or outside, fine motor activities, and snack. We use Teaching Strategies, The Creative Curriculum for Preschool.

Parents are welcome to observe their child's class session at any time. We encourage parents to be involved in classroom activities whenever possible. A background check and fingerprinting may be required. Parent/Guardian involvement in their preschooler's activities is an important part of their educational experience. 

Morningside Lutheran Preschool provides each student with a monthly calendar of activities, as well as daily communication. Morningside Lutheran Preschool is involved in the Quality Preschool Program Standards (QPPS) and is part of the Sioux City School District’s Preschool Initiative Program. All staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid, Basic Health Practices and Mandatory Reporting. All staff members meet or exceed the necessary requirements set forth by the Iowa Department of Human Services.

Morningside Lutheran Preschool follows the State of Iowa guidelines regarding tornado drills, fire drills, and reporting incidents of child abuse. If you would like more information about Morningside Lutheran Preschool, please call us at 712-276-2511.


Cubs, 8:30 am - 2:45 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday Classes  

Children must be 4 years old on or before September 15th of the current school year. Tution for the MWF class is $125.00 per month and it includes the morning snack and noon meal.  

Bugs, 9:00-11:30 am Tuesday, Thursday Classes Children must be 3 years old by September 15th of the current year and toilet trained for this class. Students planning to attend Transitional Kindergarten the following year should not enroll in this class. Tution for the T/Th class is $75.00 per month and includes a morning snack.

There is a 10% discount off tuition for families with multiple children. Early Payment Option A provides a 5% discount that will apply to October-May tuition if the entire amount due for those months is paid by October 1st.


Parental Participation -  Parents/Guardians have unlimited access to their child during preschool hours, unless parental contact is prohibited by court order and applicable paperwork is on file with MLC preschool. Parents/Guardians may call, stop in, or make an appointment with the staff to discuss their needs or concerns regarding their child's progress. 

Transportation -  Morningside Lutheran Preschool does not provide transportation to or from school. Parents will be provided with a class list and are welcome to coordinate car pool arrangements for their child. 

Drop Off & Pick Up -  Morningside Lutheran Preschool offers convenient car to building drop off and pick up services. Parents wanting to utilize this service are asked to park in a line with the first car as close to the preschool door as possible. The next car should pull up behind the first car and so on. At 8:30 am for the MWF class and 8:55 am for the T/Th class, one of the teachers will walk to the first car, open the door to let the child walk out, and walk to the door. As the first car leaves, the next car pulls into the first car's position and so forth. 

Parents choosing to bring their child into the classroom are asked to park on the east side of the church and walk your child across the parking lot. Please do not park on the back side of the church, near the preschool entrance.

To pick up your child, follow the same procedure as dropping off. At 2:45 pm for the MWF morning students and 11:30 for the T/Th students, a teacher will escort the child who belongs to the first car and open the door for them to get into the car. As the first car leaves, the next car pulls into their position and the procedure is repeated. Parents are also welcome to come in and pick their child up. A late pick-up fee will be assessed and billed by the Morningside Lutheran Preschool Oversight Committee if you are more than 10 minutes late. Payment will be due with the next month's tuition.  

Weather Cancellations - Morningside Lutheran Preschool follows the Sioux City Public School schedule for inclement weather. Watch the local news channels for information. If the Sioux City School District has a late start due to winter weather, Morningside Lutheran Preschool will not have a morning session. In the event that it is a MWF, the all day session will start at 12:00. If the Sioux City School District dismisses early due to winter weather, the MWF students will be dismissed at 12:00.

Classes may also need to be cancelled for other unforeseen circumstances. The Director will determine if cancellation is necessary and parents will be notified as soon as possible. Any sessions missed due to winter weather or unforeseen circumstances will not be made up or prorated.


Open House -  Morningside Lutheran Preschool hosts an open house in the fall and spring of each year. The spring open house provides an opportunity for advance enrollment for the following school year, for both present and prospective preschoolers.

Field Trips - Occasionally, educational and developmentally appropriate field trips may be scheduled. Fees may be assessed for some of these field trips. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide alternate arrangements for the day if the child wil not participate in the event. Parents/Guardians will be notified prior to each activity.